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Still not as active as i'd like to be, but i'm going at least~
check out my gallery, slowly getting better and learning a few techniques for drawings :D

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deviation in storage by eeveelution-lover
this is my favorites gallery of artwork i get as references and motivation/inspirations.




I have 16 names
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

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Other people to commission!: :iconspacesmilodon::iconsilverlunarwing::iconthe-b3ing::iconsleeplesstotodile::iconrymnotrim::iconhonrupi::iconsecretiiv::iconnoerbmu:


(Looked at my DA ID written section and figured that after leaving tha ton for what, 3 years I should change it... and secretly I miss the first DA ID )

hi everybody, I'm Tisserove, the leader of team Pacer from my pokemon mystery dungeon comic: PMD Fusion as well as in other combined timelines.
The comic is one of the main things I am working on, although now slowly progressing for I tend to change my interests from time to time. Art wise and other.
Apparently I've improved on my art since a few years ago and intend to keep improving.
However, the main thing I need to focus on, is having focus(and motivation for inspiration comes pretty easily). o3o
Cause I seem to get distracted quite often and do not get as much done as I'd like. |D

Don't be afraid to look at my gallery and comic.....but be afraid of how my comic first looks, but changes as it goes on. just don't really critique...dislike those unless I ask for them. ^^;

I've posted stuff about me for long enough so I've takin most of it down. |D

beware stalgins is on its way... Been out for awhile actually ,|D

pokemon mystery dungeon and pokemon (c) to nintendo
PMD Fusion belongs to me

team types:
secret agent

Current Residence: CA
Favourite genre of music: japanese, anime ops. Vid-games
Favourite photographer: ...IFLYSNA
Favourite style of art: Digital art and Traditional sketching
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: one that works or mah laptop, and now my smartphone, plus 3DS
Shell of choice: my tan spiral one that i got from a beach :v
Wallpaper of choice: probably a group picture of my comic and other friends on this site WAY later
Skin of choice: green is fine c:...
Favourite cartoon character: Mario, Ash,Ed,Tisserove,and pikachu,the"king",the simpsons,sonic and kirby.<-has changed since 4 years ago
Personal Quote: "I'm black..."
Yo! Commissions HERE!~
Probably will silently edit this section continuously.

Note me if interested.

Just 3 normal slots and an animation slot is open at the moment: -Open- Commissions 2015 by Tisserovehicks Updated commission prices a little bit more.
Edit: 11/8/2015

1. ~:iconxtofubreadx: Com: 'Playing' With Psychic by Tisserovehicks
2. ~:iconrealyata: -Com: Good Guy Yoshi~ by Tisserovehicks Com: Z.A.C. by Tisserovehicks
3. -:iconstraviios: Com: Irratable Cold by Tisserovehicks

1. :iconkibaura: -Half paid/Working on-

Wassup, Shia Labeouf told me to "JUST DO IT" and that "Yesterday, I said tomorrow", so that's how i got the PMU animation up and this journal, too!
That said I'll quickly fill-in on tidbits here and there and not produce walls of text.

And now, at 2:15am I am posting a journal, of which I had not done for a long while. :o

Got myself a desktop and had a friend help me destroy the casing on an external WD drive. Extracted the memory, placed on my laptop before doing a complicated way to transfer the 96 gigabytes-worth of 2008-2013 files over to my desktop.
Gonna use the HDTV as the monitor so I can get this train-a-rolling... Though Flash is a one time install on my laptop, ah well I probably can get around that.

Dad ordered Direct TV to install their service in our house which we've had since yesterday morning. Looks like I'll have to pay for half of that as well as the internet bill... but hey good tv! :3 (I don't watch tv... my room isn't connected either)

It does look like it, but I haven't completely forgotten about my PMD Fusion comic. I don't have any guarantees or ideas of when I'll jump back into making a page or two, but it's not out for the count yet. The muse has obviously dissipated over time, but maybe that spark will return if I get my artist's hand moving again? We'll see.
Seriously, there's like only 3 things I'd like to do routinely, but I keep straying from em: animations, commissions and the comic. One day this to-do-list will be complete and I will be able to do it. e.e
Or I can just pull another Shia and barge through... :plotting:
tch, nahh.

Game wise I've been round the smash tournament scene still at my local Oomba. That hasn't changed so much, met some friends and every now and then on a friday I attend one, my buddy keeps getting first place. It's as though he's a professional ....

Then there's Undertale. That game is special, almost everyday since it came out, I've been looking at gameplay, secrets and listening to their music! My favorite song from the game is: I even change the speed on it frequently. :3
Now if only people can figure out Gaster.

A friend of mine split-costs with the Mario Maker game, we didn't think it was worth 60 so... we did 30-30. seems reasonable... until the DLC comes out, if any. Sharing one copy isn't too bad, I had ideas to try to make Ness like a pokemon trainer and battle gyms or do complex routes to complete levels. but you know, some people just want to speed run and get the mystery mushroom costumes, so that can get demotivating (I know I got annoyed when i couldn't get sonic or kirby, too 50 tries on both easy and normal for pikachu) but I was determined....haha. then again, with friends, spamming levels with items and enemies can be entertaining.

I suppose that's about it, second 8 weeks of the semester started up
and work is work.

See you guys around! C:

other sites and stuff;

Bullet; Redyoutube: [link]
art status(es); Pretty much dead slow but I'm kind of drawing off the scenes here and there.
Bullet; Bluefanart: just did:… for my buddy Nick~
Bullet; Blackart trades; none right now.
Bullet; Yellowcommissions; here:…
they're now open! Note me if interested!
Bullet; Greenanimations: GTDA still needs to be completed...... but Pmd Fusion opening 2 is now back in the works; now at :39(1:17 for flipnote) seconds... Might get back to that IA thing if I settle down.
  • Mood: Stuck
  • Listening to: Asgore, jopes and dreams, death by glamour
  • Reading: secrets, wiki's, messages
  • Watching: my animations, lots of Undertale, Shia labeouf
  • Playing: mario maker, M.P.5, smash bros 4 for tourneys
  • Eating: cereal... fruit cups.. Panda Bowls... Gummies!
  • Drinking: Brisk half n half ice tea, Coca-colaaahhh~

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