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deviation in storage by hikigane
this is my favorites gallery of artwork i get as references and motivation/inspirations.

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Still not as active as i'd like to be, but i'm going at least~
check out my gallery, slowly getting better and learning a few techniques for drawings :D





I have 16 names
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(Looked at my DA ID written section and figured that after leaving tha ton for what, 3 years I should change it... and secretly I miss the first DA ID )

hi everybody, I'm Tisserove, the leader of team Pacer from my pokemon mystery dungeon comic: PMD Fusion as well as in other combined timelines.
The comic is one of the main things I am working on, although now slowly progressing for I tend to change my interests from time to time. Art wise and other.
Apparently I've improved on my art since a few years ago and intend to keep improving.
However, the main thing I need to focus on, is having focus(and motivation for inspiration comes pretty easily). o3o
Cause I seem to get distracted quite often and do not get as much done as I'd like. |D

Don't be afraid to look at my gallery and comic.....but be afraid of how my comic first looks, but changes as it goes on. just don't really critique...dislike those unless I ask for them. ^^;

I've posted stuff about me for long enough so I've takin most of it down. |D

beware stalgins is on its way... Been out for awhile actually ,|D

pokemon mystery dungeon and pokemon (c) to nintendo
PMD Fusion belongs to me

team types:
secret agent

Current Residence: CA
Favourite genre of music: japanese, anime ops. Vid-games
Favourite photographer: ...IFLYSNA
Favourite style of art: Digital art and Traditional sketching
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: one that works or mah laptop, and now my smartphone, plus 3DS
Shell of choice: my tan spiral one that i got from a beach :v
Wallpaper of choice: probably a group picture of my comic and other friends on this site WAY later
Skin of choice: green is fine c:...
Favourite cartoon character: Mario, Ash,Ed,Tisserove,and pikachu,the"king",the simpsons,sonic and kirby.<-has changed since 4 years ago
Personal Quote: "I'm black..."


Summer Time Off by Tisserovehicks
Summer Time Off
Aha... So I was looking around my gallery and some of my art folders when I realized I didn't upload a few things from my trip to see these guys last June. woops! Waaaaay too late to post this.

It was a really fun trip and I still remember it well.~
Maybe we could do another one sometime. :plotting:

Anywho, here we have ourselves sitting down and having a nice drink together; probably a break in between all the activities we did. x3

:icontisserovehicks: myself having some apple cider.
:iconshikathemudkip: with her favorite soda, Sprite, and wondering what's up with Nick.
:iconangellus-socios: himself having some fresh coffee and sitting in Nick's lap.
annnd :iconshadow-chameleon: whom is having himself some hot chocolate (unfortunately I learned he likes it cold. Ironic, eh? |D)

I have another picture, a button I made for the trip but dunno if I should spam that in, too. Xb
-oh, and this picture was meant to be a mug design. :3
Pmd Fusion ch.7 pg.14 by Tisserovehicks
Pmd Fusion ch.7 pg.14
pg. 14

continuing on the topic of how they could escape, Flintz pulls out their beginner ranked explorers badge and speculates that they could use that as well.
But given the tone Flintz uses, it sounds as if he isn't sure if that's possible or if he knows how to use it.

Tisserove takes note of that and jokes about him being unprepared instead.

Unexpectedly, the floatzel retaliates and defends himself... but in such a way it attracts the attention of someone.

Didn't we just encounter him about 4 pages ago? :o
he came back fast (or should we say that we caught up)

anywho, another on the fly update since I figured I had some time.~

Enjoy or not.~

(and yeah, this hasn't been uploaded to smackjeeves yet either, so I'll have to get to that when I get home.)
"Hello, it's been a deadly long time since I have updated here. >.<;"
Can say that again; Been another set of months!

Ah, it's thanksgiving break! Totally free and ready to hang out!
-nah man, still have to deal with some things. :iconotlplz:
But might as well open up commissions since I have no classes, eh?

There's about 5 things I pay attention to, but it's looking like this for me as of lately:
School: ********
Work  : *********
Skype : ****
Art     : ***
PMU   : **

For the most part, my focus has been onto doing work and school, and frankly It's been going well on both of these ends.
Mostly for school though, as it hasn't been too stressful as the previous semesters. I do have a 7 page essay to finish up before the semester ends, but I have pretty much have it wrapped up due to a solid rough draft I turned in about last week. With a few minor edits, I can safely toss that to the side. However I still have a group project left to do, Having yet to meet up with 3 other members of the team. Planning to meet up and respond to them this week. With a few finals after this break, I'm almost done with the semester!~ Whoo!
  Behind on so many projects around here, but not regretting my results so far on the semester.

In the past 2 days, I've went to 2 events: my second bonfire (better than the first) and then my first smash tournament.
Don't have much time to ramble on about every single detail before going to work, so I'll dish out the gists.

I was with my good ol buddy Ifly last Friday and we went down to the beach around 7:00pm to meet up with some co-workers as well as acquaintances. There we had from S'mores, chocolate, Arizona tea, soda and sausages to.... well adult rated material such as achohol and other things. Mind you I do not wish to participate in drinking or smoking so I just decided to be pyrotechnic-ish and burn things int he bonfire that I could find; had to keep myself entertained somehow. ,:3
I did recently create a larp sword, it basically looks like Tisserove's signature bone X-rush but with a lot of grey tape and a pipe handle. It's meant for play fighting than looking good and you can say it appears to be just as big as Cloud's sword. In the beginning I was proud of it, but maybe it was too big. :shrug:
Ifly made his own sword, but we turned it into a flaming sword for awhile... but being windy at the beach, that didn't last long.
So after 3 hours of burning things (sandle, lunchbox, wafer ball, tennis ball) we all decided to head back home and we were one for the day.

The very next day I get with my 2 other offline best friends, meta and Larka/MEA.
we train very minimally for a Smash Wii U tournament, however on our way to the site we get in a car crash.
None of us got hurt, but the car was totaled. Larka thought he had insurance to cover it, but we realized later that we didn't so there was no saving the car... But apparently it wasn't worth that much anyway. How we crashed was that the car had deficient brakes, so when we had to slow down with the traffic, and the abrupt breaking truck in front of us, we ended up cramming into it.
Larka was kind enough to get us a cab driver to get us to the tournament. Meta and I entered and I didn't really have a main.
However, I got farther than Meta using Mega Man, getting 4-2 while meta got 3-2.
I got sent to loser's bracket by the second round, a very strong Diddy who pretty much won the tournament.
   There was a For Shirts part of the tournament, 4 vs 4 rounds and although we won our first two, being Tisserove, Meta, Larka and Schoom, we had to leave early and have the other teams win by default. when we got home, there was about 4 more hours of smash...lasting till 3:20 am before I had to go home.
    We're hoping to see another tournament this weekend, due to my first being invigorating.

Anywho, commissions reopened!~

Note me if interested.

Just 3 though to get me started: Commission Information Chart -Edit 3- -Open- by Tisserovehicks
1. :iconstraviios: CO: Promising Memoir by Tisserovehicks
2. Open
3. Open

Hope you guys enjoy Thanksgiving(if you celebrate it) and enjoy black friday!~
if neither, then just have a good time out there ;p
I'll try out black friday now that i have actual money to spend. :paranoid:
welp, gotta ditch!~

======Edit 12/2/14 (oh hey 12+2=4) =====
So... most of my time was spent with my nephew for the week, the rest was Thanksgiving, black friday shopping, Knott's Berry Farm and work.

As much as I wanted to settle down and continue with my projects, things didn't pan out once again. However, the semester is still on the verge of closing so soon I can relax and get a more solid working pace. Since this was my first black friday (weekend), I had decided to give it a try, finding the best deals and getting a few things i have missed out on. For instance, I finally got a Wii u and smash bros! I haven't touched smash much, for the sole fact that I got the 3ds one, but mario kart 8 is as lovely as i remembered playing. took me only a few hours to get the gold kart, then another few for the gold tires, but being not that high of a priority, I think I'll retire for a bit and pick up my 3ds/tablet. On the same note, I got myself a bit more RAM for my laptop to help with multitasking and that's about it.
I don't think I can expect anything else for Christmas this year besides some loving from family and friends. ;p
Pretty satisfying feeling, really. Not having to hope to get things for Christmas. :aww:

Hmm... art wise I still have 3 animations to do at least, comic pages are always on the list but at a much slower pace so that I can proceed with animating. PMD Fusion opening 2 now has all the flipnotes completed if I haven't stated that by now, but I haven't gotten around to sitting in peace and quite to color the pieces. It'd take a solid week of hours it seems to get decent progress.

Anywho, continue on with life! Hope you guys had a nice turkey day/week! :D

life is fine.
smash tournament
re-opened commissions

other sites and stuff;

Bullet; Redyoutube: [link]
art status(es); Pretty much dead slow but I'm kind of drawing off the scenes here and there.
Bullet; Bluefanart: just did:… for my buddy Nick~
Bullet; Blackart trades; none right now.
Bullet; Yellowcommissions; here:…
they're now open! Note me if interested!
Bullet; Greenanimations: GTDA still needs to be completed...... but Pmd Fusion opening 2 is now back in the works; now at :39(1:17 for flipnote) seconds... Might get back to that IA thing if I settle down.
  • Mood: Stuck
  • Listening to: Equal, Jigen Ginga, Summertime Record
  • Reading: comics, comments, box labels
  • Watching: my animations, Dead Space 3, eshop trailers
  • Playing: PMU, Mario Kart 8
  • Eating: cereal... fruit cups.. Panda Bowls
  • Drinking: Canada Dry, Crystal Light.

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