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Still not as active as i'd like to be, but i'm going at least~
check out my gallery, slowly getting better and learning a few techniques for drawings :D

Random Favourites

this is my favorites gallery of artwork i get as references and motivation/inspirations.




I have 16 names
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States

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Other people to commission!: :iconspacesmilodon::iconsilverlunarwing::iconthe-b3ing::iconsleeplesstotodile::iconrymnotrim::iconhonrupi::iconnoerbmu::icontenshimare::iconjames-the-typhlosion:


(Looked at my DA ID written section and figured that after leaving tha ton for what, 3 years I should change it... and secretly I miss the first DA ID )

hi everybody, I'm Tisserove, the leader of team Pacer from my pokemon mystery dungeon comic: PMD Fusion as well as in other combined timelines.
The comic is one of the main things I am working on, although now slowly progressing for I tend to change my interests from time to time. Art wise and other.
Apparently I've improved on my art since a few years ago and intend to keep improving.
However, the main thing I need to focus on, is having focus(and motivation for inspiration comes pretty easily). o3o
Cause I seem to get distracted quite often and do not get as much done as I'd like. |D

Don't be afraid to look at my gallery and comic.....but be afraid of how my comic first looks, but changes as it goes on. just don't really critique...dislike those unless I ask for them. ^^;

I've posted stuff about me for long enough so I've takin most of it down. |D

beware stalgins is on its way... Been out for awhile actually ,|D

pokemon mystery dungeon and pokemon (c) to nintendo
PMD Fusion belongs to me

team types:
secret agent

Current Residence: CA
Favourite genre of music: japanese, anime ops. Vid-games
Favourite photographer: ...IFLYSNA
Favourite style of art: Digital art and Traditional sketching
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: one that works or mah laptop, and now my smartphone, plus 3DS
Shell of choice: my tan spiral one that i got from a beach :v
Wallpaper of choice: probably a group picture of my comic and other friends on this site WAY later
Skin of choice: green is fine c:...
Favourite cartoon character: Mario, Ash,Ed,Tisserove,and pikachu,the"king",the simpsons,sonic and kirby.<-has changed since 4 years ago
Personal Quote: "I'm black..."
Yo! Commissions HERE!~
Probably will silently edit this section continuously.

Note me if interested.

 -Open- Commissions 2015 by Tisserovehicks Updated commission prices a little bit more.
Edit: 11/8/2015

1. ~:iconxtofubreadx: Com: 'Playing' With Psychic by Tisserovehicks
2. ~:iconrealyata: -Com: Good Guy Yoshi~ by Tisserovehicks Com: Z.A.C. by Tisserovehicks
3. -:iconstraviios: Com: Irratable Cold by Tisserovehicks

1. :iconkibaura: -Half paid/Working on-

For me that is, Gonna be 22 years old in 19 days and 40 minutes from now.

Some people are already in the next year, but here I am just getting out from work. Anyway...
Happy new years eve, and for the rest, happy new year! I have something in store for some of my friends, acquaintances or people I admire regardless of relation.

Not many of my 2015 resolutions came true as it's been an alternation of work and school. Despite how much I think of doing my to-do-list I seem to hit a brick wall.
Buuut I think I'll spare the depressive news that I've probably repeated whenever I have an update. I just pray that 2016 won't be a step lower than how this year was for me.

So what else to focus on. :plotting:
Oh yes, the same old spot where i left off last time. Since college is out for the time being, my hours there have been replaced with work hours. But I believe this is more doable as it's easier to travel from there and back than it is my school. I will use this time to get a bit of progress but I can't make any promises. Haven't really been able to for like the last year and a half. x.x

I've been saving the watchers I've gained this year in my message center, along with a ton of my other messages piling up, and it seems to have come up to be a about 90+ watchers since January. I'll be doing the same thing to see how many i gain in 2016, re-watching the pile-o-peers grow.

Christmas was pretty good, got that delicious dinner filled with different cakes, stuffing and the main course known as Honey Baked Ham!-oh, and the good old peppermint bark hot chocolate to quench the sweet tooth from breakfast till dinner! Mn, I want some more of that even now! why doe sit have to cost so much. :C

Then I went to go see start wars with my family + nephew; it surely was a good movie and I do recommend that the lot of you watch it if you haven't already! Gives a good refreshing breathe to old times in the series. A few people even clapped during the movie at certain familiar scenarios. X3

That's surely about it, normally i keep things posted via my deviations but i feel a journal was in order for this. Sorry, it's mainly just rambling, but it's something. c:,

Nnnnnnmm- alright, the ball is about to drop, better attend that with my family.
see you guys next year. Make it special.~

other sites and stuff;

Bullet; Redyoutube: [link]
art status(es); Pretty much dead slow but I'm kind of drawing off the scenes here and there.
Bullet; Bluefanart: just did:… for my buddy Nick~
Bullet; Blackart trades; none right now.
Bullet; Yellowcommissions; here:…
they're now open! Note me if interested!
Bullet; Greenanimations: GTDA still needs to be completed...... but Pmd Fusion opening 2 is now back in the works; now at :39(1:17 for flipnote) seconds... Might get back to that IA thing if I settle down.
  • Mood: Stuck
  • Listening to: Sonic advanced 3 songs, making up my own
  • Reading: messages, wikis, stories.
  • Watching: Sonic TAS's, Binding of isaac, smash tips+MLGPROS
  • Playing: mario kart 8, mario kart 64, smash bros: Cloud Vrs
  • Eating: cereal... fruit cups.. Panda Bowls... Gummies!
  • Drinking: Brisk half n half ice tea, pepsi, hot cocoa

Journal History


Surprising the Middle 'Mon by Tisserovehicks
Surprising the Middle 'Mon
Yeah, I got quite a bit of were-stuff going on around me birthday. :v
It's a bit early in the DAY isn't it, for these 2 to be so big. e'.e
Wonder what they're gonna do with a Chu of that size...

So this was a commission that :iconthe-b3ing: had done around my birthday...
-of which I went around and turned it into a surprise collab by coloring it in. :B
Was pretty fun to work with and I really dig his anatomy at times.~

Picture was actually done approximately 2 weeks ago, but I was debating if it would be a good idea to post here. It'd either be more art, or seen as more spam. :B

Speaking of that, i was looking around my stash and colors3D drawings. don't know if I should just post a sketch dump of them or leave where they are either... maybe complete a few sketches in Photoshop.... mnnnah. Let's see what else I got lying around...
Allergic... To... Contact? by Tisserovehicks
Allergic... To... Contact?
Annnd... Yet another Were!Joltserove picture!
This time it's a collaboration with the doodle-y smeargle-y :iconwolfywolff:.
What we have here is a giant jolteon who has just captured(?) a curious smeargle... Just before anything happens though, Macxi's allergies start acting up...-Wait, what? What allergies? e'ue 

Was waitin' to get to work on this, and it turned out pretty good.
got some gloss in there, shiny colors and glowy fur. yeah~

Dunno why, but I'm feeling pretty excited/motivated. Probably gonna be short lived, but gonna see if I can make anything out of this spark while it's there.

-But for now, 2 doges.... Despite that really being a giant fox.
Thank you everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday for this month! I'm late towards replying, and don't want to have to go through them individually, but I really appreciate ALL the comments made! They mean quite a lot to me. :aww:
May this, and the many years to come, be great for us all.~
Com: Think On Your Feet by Tisserovehicks
Com: Think On Your Feet
Commission for :iconwolfywolff: of her smeargle sona and her Buizel buddy, River :iconrocket0634:, doing some parkour... with portal guns?

River clearly has experience with using the gun already, much than Maxi can... but ... it turns out... that Maxi can cheat around via her moveset anyway; doesn't stop her from being surprised on the adventure. :b

hope you enjoy this and come again.~ :aww:

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